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Wanting to make a late night sale, he opened the door to see a regular customer. After laying still for several minutes, Jayceon used his cell phone and called the ambulance. While recovering, he told his brother to go out and buy all of the classic hip hop albums.

This included Big's "Ready To Die", Snoop's "Doggystyle", Dr.

He was born into a life of gang-banging and hustling. Game's intelligence was acknowledged by his caretakers and he usually helped his foster brothers and sisters with their homework. At 13, one of Game's older brothers, Jevon who was just 17 at the time was shot at a gas station. Taylor says that he felt his father played a hand in this by not being there and felt that if he had, his brother would not have been shot.

When later interviewed, Taylor, aka The Game says at a young age, he recalls seeing both of his parents preparing to do drive-bys. Around 1989, The Game met his idol, Eric Wright aka Eazy-E founder of NWA. Jevon died the day after Game visited him in the hospital promising that things would be better and lost time would be made up.

In the beginning, his flows were weak, but Game was a quick study and eventually learned better freestyling skills. Dre taught him the ropes of the studio and Taylor learned how to count bars.