Ancient dating systems

Eventually, the Yayoi displaced the indigenous language, social customs, and religion of the Jomon.

As the Yayoi came from the Asian mainland this would suggest that Japanese culture ultimately originates from China and Korea.

Primitive looms were used to weave the fibers into cloth.

Religion and Social Structure The Yayoi lived in groups called uji.

These clans were led by a single leader who served as both a spiritual leader and war-chief.

Each clan was associated with a single god and the head of the clan was responsible for performing ceremonies to pay tribute to this god.

However, to date there has been no solid evidence of agricultural practices during the Incipient Jomon. It was actually a mistake as later mass spectrometry methods dated the pottery to 900 - 800 B. which is about 500 years before the appearance of the Yayoi.