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By strategy, I mean simply the operations of war, by grand strategy our policy in international affairs, both as regards the war and as regards the settlement we have in view after the war. That really seemed to me an impossible demand to make to any Prime Minister or Minister of Defence in war-time.

The Prime Minister covered both very extensively in his speech yesterday and I should not have much to say upon the course of operations—since I do not think this House is really in a position to judge—were it not for two speeches which were made yesterday, and on which I should like to make some very brief comment. In the first place, the House of Commons has not the technical equipment to deal with operations.

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A brilliant speech was made, among others on that subject, by my hon.

Friend the senior Burgess for Cambridge University (Mr. I think everybody will agree that his speech was an argument for university representation, which I hope 858 will not be thrown away upon those who are now considering that question.

The Prime Minister paid a tribute to the part which all the men of these Islands have been playing in this war—to the Navy, which has had a marvellous record, to the Merchant Navy, which is really now a combatant force, to the Army which, after all, has shown that it is better than its German enemy in many fields already, to the Royal Air Force, which, in conducting the assault on Germany, is showing military superiority to the enemy and upsetting his military operations.

I do not think that tribute could have been better timed.

That is the most humane course, the only right course, and I would say to my hon.