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LONDON (Reuters) - A loner obsessed with Nazis and extreme right-wing ideology was sentenced on Wednesday to spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering lawmaker Jo Cox in a frenzied street attack that stunned Britain a week before the European Union referendum.

Armed with a sawn-off rifle and a dagger, Thomas Mair, 53, shot Cox three times and repeatedly stabbed the 41-year-old mother of two young children in her northern English electoral district as she arrived for a meeting with local residents.

REUTERS/West Yorkshire Police/Handout Police pictures following a search showed a sparsely furnished, neat house with almost bare cupboards in the kitchen and single beds in the bedrooms.

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But its value to NATO has risen as Middle East states with anti-Western policies, such as Iran, have developed their missile capabilities.

Last November, NATO leaders approved a new mission statement for the Western military alliance, committing among other things to missile defense.

He also had letters printed in a South African pro-apartheid magazine, the SPLC said.

An analysis of his Internet usage on computers in local libraries also showed Mair’s obsession with the far right.

“He can’t react with other people in a social setting.