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Other than my beloved red lipstick, this sentiment summarizes my feelings about all other cosmetics touching my face.

So I surprised most of all myself by volunteering for a "gymnast makeover" when Stylelist was given the opportunity to interview Olympian Alicia Sacramone. She won a silver medal in Beijing, and she's hopefully heading to London this August for the 2012 Olympics.

So I was like, ‘you guys know my insecurity about my height.’” Insecure about something that makes her a successful gymnast? It’s a little bit rough.” Her secret to dating a 6’4” football player?

“I just feel like everyone’s so dang tall around me and if I’m ever trying to maneuver around a city or store, I get lost.

Gymnastics is “a girly sport,” she says, so makeup “makes it a bit more fun.” As someone who doesn’t have a competitive bone in my body (I took four years of aerobics to fulfill my gym requirement in high school), I’m fascinated by the psychology of professional athletes and how they get into the competitive midset.