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Geology A stage in the development of streams or landscapes at which maximum development has been reached or at which the process of erosion is going on with maximum vigor.

Maturity of a landscape continues throughout the period of maximum topographic differentiation or until about three fourths of the original mass is carried away by erosion.

in America in the years after the Civil War and he, like all men of his time, had been touched by the deep influences that were at work in the country during those years when modem industrial- ism was being born.

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Our so-called relationship never made it past his sweet 16, but looking back, our teenage parting was for the best.

Our relationship maturity was clearly in the negative zone.

To me, our willingness to maintain other friendships and pursue other interests is admirable, not concerning.

The possessiveness and clinginess that so many couples fall victim to is another sign of relationship immaturity. The relationships that defined my college years, both romantic and platonic, are very different than the relationships I maintain now.

Here are 20 defining characteristics of a true adult: Above all, true adults do what they have to do when it is required of them, and they do what they want when they can.