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‘Jumping on the sofa and being so bloody loud,’ moans another.

To me, it all rather smacks of that annoying child in your class at school who bragged that she hadn’t done a jot of revision but was secretly beavering away and achieving amazing results.

More than the apparent dishonesty, though, what really annoys me is how these books patronise women by suggesting that a home-cooked meal, laundered baby clothes and clean nappies are beyond the wit of most mums.

Because the narrative of the whingeing, wine-drinking mum enduring ‘hellidays’ with her young family is an implied put-down of well-organised mums who love spending time with their children.

Mums like me, who managed to stay sober for long enough to play, bake and paint with her children. I’m not saying I don’t understand that motherhood can be a chaotic and sometimes messy business.

A recent Mumsnet discussion prompted by the ‘come-on’ question ‘What do your children do that annoys you most?