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Can single parents and their children successfully blend with stepparents and stepsiblings? Dating well, avoiding these myths, and learning all you can about stepfamily living greatly improves the odds. Deal is president of Smart Stepfamilies™, director of Family Life Blended™, a popular conference speaker, and author/coauthor of a series of DVD’s, books, and curriculum for stepfamilies including The Life of a Single Mom Ministries is a global nonprofit committed to seeing no single mom walk alone.

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The terrific plethora of individuals utilizing these websites suggests you have a much bigger variety of individuals on whose course you can cross.

Creating your profile to satisfy specific requirements suggests your look for a possible date is being targeted to a specific traffic.

It is about building an “usness” that is centered in the Lord and motivated by love.

Dating with children is about all of that, plus, finding the right fit between perhaps a dozen people in multiple households.

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