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But do keep in mind that we did a hardcore Blu in October, two hardcore DVDs in September, and one hardcore Blu pr month, June through August, which is a record for us.

Larry Hagman passed away in November but the television star already lived in Heaven, his aptly named 20,000 square-foot home in California and Radar has the photos of the spectacular property that is on the market for $6.495 million. home and turned it into an oasis in the desert with a stunning nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms and five swimming pools as shared by Top Ten Real Estate Deals.com!

The three releases will be available for purchase this December.

label Vinegar Syndrome has detailed three upcoming Blu-ray releases: Liquid Sky (1982), Pick-Up (1975), and Seeds/Vapors.

Pick-Up Synopsis; Carol and Maureen have just been picked up by Chuck, a young man driving a giant mobile home through the Florida Everglades.