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Also, since it's state law that every block needs a minimum two taverns, these people can DRINK, but said drinking manifests itself in asshattery at a far lower rate than in other cities. It also likely helps that nice Canadian couples living north in Richmond Hill who celebrated the last time the Blue Jays made the playoffs (before last year) by doing sex now have a 21-year-old, fully grown adult child wearing a Joe Carter jersey to tell an awkward story to.

Honestly though, Wisconsinites are just pretty psyched to have another outlet for tailgating and mass Leinie consumption in the warmer months between Packers seasons, and if the Brewers ever actually manage to break through and win the damn thing, so much the better. His opinion on shredding the pow-pow at A-Basin vs. As the sole Canadians in this thing, Blue Jays fans are too busy (*shuffles through Canadian stereotype handbook*) politely throwing loonies at suspected Quebecois to be outwardly obnoxious to opposing fans.

The ballpark sits almost directly in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth, next to a Six Flags. Rangers fans must exist in those towns around Dallas, in Grapevine or Garland, Flower Mound or Frisco, but they don't really parade that fact, so we’re just going to guess that they’re tolerable.

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a more affable fanbase than Brewers fans. Despite the fact that it might seem intimidating to be amongst legions of Bawlmer fans rooting for dem O's, drinking Natty Boh, and talking about Joe Orsulak, it's really not.

The only difference is all of them are doing it while eating Nolan Ryan hand-dipped corn dogs, and Nolan Ryan 100% beef burgers.

One of the most intimidating goalkeepers in the Premier League is David de Gea.

The Spaniard has, on numerous occasions, proved to be Manchester United’s edge in defence.

Albeit, Moraes’s numbers stack up pretty well against the Manchester United number 1.